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Entertainment » Andy Palacio has been hospitalized
Jan 16, 2008 por administrator

It is with a heavy heart that I must inform you that our Musical Giant and Icon and the man who gave the world the gift of Watina and captured the imagination of the musical world in 2007, our Cuosin and Firend Andy Palacio, has been striken by a neurological condition which resulted in his suffering dangerous seizure like symthoms last night. Andy is now under full medical care and being given the highest degree of attention at Universal Hospital in Belize City after intensive and extensive test were conducted by the best Neurologist in Belize at the Belize Diagnoostic Center Dr. Joel Cervantes.
Andy's condition has been diagnosed as Multiple Sclerosis which affects the nerves in the cerebellum section of his brain  (the creative center) which explains all the symptoms that  displayed during the worst stage last night. I saw and spoke to Andy this afternoon and he is doing considerably better than before, as speech and recognition has returned. But he is still a very sick man and now that his condition has been diagnosed, the treatment commences immediately at Universal to reduce the clinical conditions of the injured nerves and the like.
Kindly keep Andy in your prayers and I will send updates from time to time. Be good if you can send your get well wishes which we can print and deliver as well as ordering flowers via Florasol in Belize City to brighten up his room. Andy deserves no less and I am certain he can do with your love and best wishes.
Michael Polonio

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