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Health insurance cost outpaces inflation
Sep 15, 2005
the rate of inflation and wage growth, which grew at 3.5 percent and 2.7 percent respectively, according to the 2005 Annual Employer Health Benefits Survey

Study challenges heart attack treatments
Sep 14, 2005
In a study colliding with established practice, recovery from small heart attacks went just as well when doctors gave drugs time to work as when they favored quick vessel-clearing procedures.

FDA Panel Votes Against Cancer Drug
Sep 14, 2005
A Food and Drug Administration advisory committee on Tuesday recommended against approval of a drug intended to treat prostate cancer following a report that questioned its safety and effectiveness.

1st Nile death in Utah
Sep 13, 2005
A Uintah County man who died Sept. 3 is the state's first death linked to West Nile virus infection, the TriCounty Health Department has confirmed.

Vitamin C 'helps to fight cancer'
Sep 13, 2005
High doses of vitamin C injected into the bloodstream may help fight cancer, a US study says. Scientists found that intravenous vitamin C in the form of ascorbate killed cancer cells in lab tests.

High Doses of IV Vitamin C Fight Cancer
Sep 12, 2005
High doses of vitamin C administered intravenously can fight cancer -- at least in the laboratory, researchers report.

Abbott's new drug for prostate cancer will also take aim at pain
Sep 12, 2005
The spread of prostate cancer into her husband's bones was enough of a battle, but Betty Gallo said her husband, Dean, also tried to fight debilitating pain in the last months of his life.

Study: Crestor Side Effects Deemed Worse
May 22, 2005
Contrary to government claims, side effects happen more often with Crestor, a cholesterol-lowering drug that consumer advocates tried to get off the market earlier this year, a new analysis shows.

Scientists Say Sunshine May Prevent Cancer
May 21, 2005
Scientists are excited about a vitamin again. But unlike fads that sizzled and fizzled, the evidence this time is strong and keeps growing. If it bears out, it will challenge one of medicine's most fundamental beliefs: that people need to coat themselves with sunscreen whenever they're in the sun. Doing that may actually contribute to far more cancer deaths than it prevents, some researchers think.

Conn. Nears Strict School Junk Food Ban
May 21, 2005
Lawmakers want to make sure Connecticut students aren't part of the Pepsi Generation. Connecticut is on the verge of adopting the most far-reaching ban in the country on soda and junk food in public schools, in an effort to curb rising rates of childhood obesity.



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