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Entertainment » A Movement Of AKind: Punta Music Will Dominate The Clubs!
Oct 30, 2002

Lachamuru Jerry Castro_Liyawa Lidani Garifuna Times Magazine

The forecast for November 2002 predicts that Punta music will dominate the clubs for these upcoming holidays.

In Los Angeles, Punta Rocker Aziatic will perform alongside NURU, Punta Rebels and many others on November 15th . In New
York, home of Lidani Garifuna Times Magazine, the Foundation of Garifuna Artists will put on a show with their member bands on December 24th where most, if not all bands will perform in the most anticipated event in New York of the 21st century.

On Sunday, October 27th, the bands, and representatives met to discuss planning for the event, which includes a press conference to disclose the current Garifuna artists dilema in the Big Apple.

"It's important we do this event because we are running out of jobs and it is for that purpose we all have united", said the organization's
president and artist, J. King.

The foundation has had its test while joining for the cause to raise
funds for Erika Ramirez, where Garinagu from virtually every part of the world packed the auditorium of IS 139 on October 18th in the Bronx.

"We are hoping that everyone will attend these events", continued J.
"It's very important not only for us, but to lay the ground work for our children and their future."
If you need to contact FUNARGARI (Foundation of Garifuna Artists) contact J. King at 917-416-0950.

FUNARGARI membership includes: Grupo H, Gari Star Band, Garifuna Legacy, Fernandez Band, Jimmy Suazo, Amistad Garifuna, J. Kids, Kaligar Band, Garifuna New Generation, Black Shark among others.

In his next visit to NYC, Aurelio Martinez, the known Garifuna composer of songs such as "Yita", will attend one of their meetings.

PHOTOS: FUNARGARI meets at the "Pentagon" (Jerry Castro's Office).
Aziatic Promotional Flyer (Visit to win discount

In the 21st Century, our voices will reach higher grounds.
Lidani Garifuna Times

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