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Moderate quakes shake Mexico, El Salvador
Feb 20, 2006
Shortly before 1 am local time, a 5.6-magnitude temblor, centered in the Pacific Ocean near El Salvador's border with Honduras and Nicaragua, was felt in five

77 Ecuadoreans rescued off El Salvador
Feb 17, 2006
A British merchant ship rescued 77 Ecuadorean migrants crowded aboard a sinking boat off El Salvador, a British official said late Thursday.

El Salvador's murder rate 5.5 times world average, but falling
Feb 14, 2006
El Salvador's official murder toll so far in 2006 is 414, about 9 percent below last year's rate, authorities announced on Monday

Honduran Garifuna Unification, Truth or Myth?
Feb 14, 2006
Two years after Joseph Chatoyer (Satuye) was killed on March 14, 1795, the Garifuna people were deported from their native land to Central America. It's unfortunate to think that two hundred and ten years later Chatoyer's dream of unity and independence for the Garifuna people lies in ruins.

Cultivating credibility
Feb 12, 2006
Inside El Mono, or "The Monkey," coffee processing plant, taster Aldo Ruffatti selected which blends of the caffeinated beans to

El Salvador to Continue Iraq Commitment
Feb 11, 2006
The mission is to continue with the humanitarian work.". El Salvador is the only Latin American nation with a military presence in Iraq

Local helpers heading to Honduras
Feb 11, 2006
Steve Davenport of Towanda will soon make his annual trip to Honduras as part of a volunteer work crew. Going with him this year

Finding American Dream, in El Salvador
Feb 09, 2006
in Central America. But Sanchez Corrales and his team aren't from El Salvador; they're migrants from Honduras. Thousands of Salvadorans

Honduras: Gang Leaders Agree to Talk
Feb 08, 2006
place in fifteen days, attended by a number of leaders who represent most members of the Mara Salvatrucha and Mara 18, the largest and most violent in Honduras

Methodist missionaries go to Honduras
Feb 02, 2006
Ben Pomeroy and his mother Ginny, both of whom will be part of the Cape Elizabeth United Methodist Church mission to Honduras in April, talk with Pastor Ruth



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