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On immigration, one standard for U.S., another for itself
Apr 24, 2006
Denis Alfredo Pineda knew that when it came to leaving Honduras, the hardest part would be saying goodbye to his mother.

'Bourgeois lady' fights for public's rights in El Salvador
Apr 23, 2006
Beatrice Alamanni de Carrillo has a weakness for gaudy jewelry: rings with stones only slightly smaller than marbles, crucifixes

An emphasis on the Earth
Apr 22, 2006
Water Technologies for Emerging Regions (WaTER) Center are working to bring clean water and improved facilities to areas such as Honduras and remote China

Belize wins regional police award competition to stave off violence
Apr 21, 2006
They are Assistance Police Commissioner Crispin Jeffries and Community Activist Elizabeth Longsworth, a single mother employed with the Belize City Council

Central American military chiefs meet in Belize
Apr 20, 2006
There was a time in Belize's history when the idea of a Belize Defence Force Commander sitting down at the same table with his Central American counterparts

Students help raise money for El Salvador
Apr 20, 2006
Because of the lingering effects of a 12-year civil war and ongoing political and economical unrest, many families in El Salvador, a country smaller than the ...

Over 800 photos of Garifuna Street Fest 2006
Apr 20, 2006
We have uploaded over 800 new photos about the Garifuna Street Fest that took place in Los Angeles in April 8, 2006.

Mission accomplished in Central America
Apr 12, 2006
A team of northern Michigan residents, including several from Gaylord, made their way 3,500 miles to Belize in Central America, to become the helping

US Interference in Nicaragua Worrisome
Apr 08, 2006
particularly concerned about the repeated interventions of the US ambassadors in Central American elections, such as in the Republic of Nicaragua," the text

London students head for Honduras
Apr 08, 2006
from Nancy Campbell collegiate institute, a private school with many international students, leave today for the village of San Antonio in central Honduras.



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