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El Salvador Ducks U.S. Immigration Debate
May 01, 2006
As the immigrant rights movement mobilizes for a national strike today, few countries have more at stake in the US debate than El Salvador.

Thousands of Hispanics rally in New Orleans
May 01, 2006
Police officers on the scene estimated the crowd at a bit more than 3,000. The Stars and Stripes and the flags of Mexico and Honduras waved above the crowd.

In El Salvador, an invasion of American agriculture
Apr 29, 2006
backed government and military of El Salvador brutally repressed their people in the 1980-92 civil war that took 75,000 lives, Gregorio Rosa Chavez

Chavez to ship fuel to Nicaragua
Apr 27, 2006
President Hugo Chavez said Venezuela will shortly begin shipping fuel to Nicaragua in his government’s latest preferential oil

A lesson unlearned in El Salvador
Apr 26, 2006
Rosa Chavez said Iraq means that El Salvador is a lesson unlearned. ... And today El Salvador is a whale of a lot better because we held free elections.".

Wal-Mart starts proper produce production in Nicaragua
Apr 26, 2006
Now this is exactly what is happening in Nicaragua. The Wal-Mart group in Central America is the owner of produce supplier Hortifruti in Nicaragua.

Nicaragua : US textile firm investment to provide 10,000 jobs
Apr 25, 2006
World's second leading company manufacturing textile looms, International Textile Group (ITG), announced plans to set up a unit in Nicaragua, according to

KC Father To Be Deported To Honduras
Apr 25, 2006
A local immigrant who said he has always paid his taxes is being sent back to Honduras in June. Adam Hernandez, 38, will have to

El Salvador FMLN Warns Govt Crisis
Apr 24, 2006
The deputy for the Farabundo Marti National Liberation Front (FMLN) party, Gerson Martinez, said Monday the recent

Nicaragua Doctors Fasting for Wages
Apr 24, 2006
According to the president of the Medical Federation, Elio Artola, the strikers will stay at the Nicaragua Red Cross headquarters in this capital.



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