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Teachers go to school in Nicaragua
Sep 02, 2004
have the opportunity to meet their "children" in person when they became involved in a mission to help a school in the 38,000-person-town of Nagarote, Nicaragua

Delta to unveil tribute to Serna
Sep 02, 2004
Before that, he worked on behalf of farm laborers and was a member of the Sacramento Central Labor Council. He also served in the Peace Corps in Guatemala.

Houston man pleads guilty to kidnapping son
Sep 02, 2004
Clenney was arrested in March in Belize with his son, Jake, who has been returned to his mother, Heather Carmichael, of Miles.

Posada Carriles said to be in Honduras
Sep 01, 2004
EVERYTHING would seem to indicate that terrorist Luis Posada Carriles has taken refuge in Honduras, his traditional lair along with El Salvador.

7 Squatters Die in Police Clash in Guatemala
Sep 01, 2004
Guatemala's 36-year civil war ended eight years ago. Four of the dead at the ranch were squatters, Mr. Morales said.

El Salvador crackdown on youth crime
Sep 01, 2004
El Salvador has arrested dozens of gang leaders in a huge crackdown on the violent youth crime that plagues the Central American nation.

First 3G Wireless Network in Belize
Sep 01, 2004
South America : Speednet, a new wireless operator in Belize, has selected Nortel Networks (NYSE:NT)(TSX:NT) as the exclusive provider of a third-generation

As Reagan Dies, Sandino Sings on
Aug 31, 2004
Nicaragua, surrounded by Ronald Reagan’s murderous Contras, a group of some 300 peace activists from all over the world find their path into Honduras blocked

Central America hunts terror suspect seen in Honduras
Aug 31, 2004
aboard a private jet on Thursday. Guatemala and El Salvador also say he is unwelcome there. Panamanian President Mireya Moscoso, who

Killer's Flight Reopens Wounds of Terror in Italy
Aug 30, 2004
Battisti's flight has lead Italy to issue new applications to France and Nicaragua to extradite 12 other militants, including one wanted for involvement in the



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