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Welcome to the Entertainment section of

Paul Nabor performance, Ricaman Interview and more on GariTV      02/01/07

Welcome to the weekly rundown of! Here is what’s new on GariTV: - Performance of the legendary Garifuna Artist, Paul Nabor in Los Angeles - Exclusive Interview of the Garifuna producer, Ricaman from GariCrew in New York by Gloria - Garifuna people celebrates summer of 2000 at Heckscher State Park on July 16 more...

Garifuna youngster mysteriously gets into Super Mario Game/New Music video and first GariTV commercial      01/12/07

The ball is starting to roll at more...

Merry Christmas, new video on GariTV with pleasant surprise ending      12/25/06

Merry Christmas to all! We have posted a fresh video on GariTV showcasing how some Garifuna people celebrated in Los Angeles. more...

New Yurumein Music Video by Rhode on      11/08/06

Rhode’s new music video, Yurumein, is an inspirational video well deserved of an unforgettable history. more...

Nuru celebrates November 19th on      11/01/06

The Garifuna artist, Nuru, has gotten an early start this year, by celebrating November 19th on GariTV . more... gets New Book and Movie zones      03/09/06

The gets two new sections for fans to discuss their experiences. more...

Jorge Garifuna reveals the secret of his favorite Punta Music!      02/01/06

Jorge Garifuna finally set the record straight. He has been planning to reveal to his audience the secret of his favorite Punta Music, but for some reason the time has never been right. Well, until now that is. more...

Are there currently any Garifuna artists, breaking barriers?      01/14/06

Happy new 2006! I am in the process of bringing out the best of out Garifuna artists. This will include massive coverage through the Garinet Media Network: forum, news, chat, magazine and even reporting the album sales to SoundScan, the company that the Billboard Charts gets its numbers from. more...

Garifuna New Generation (GNG) Album, The Struggle, gets five drums at      11/18/05

The fans have concluded that the new album by Garifuna New Generation (GNG), dubbed, the Struggle is hotter than the sun. We are happy to announce that voters at have given, The Struggle, five drums of out five! more...

Suge Knight's Assets Frozen In Divorce Dispute      09/13/05

What's worse than getting shot in the leg? Well, not much. But if you're Marion "Suge" Knight, having your finances put on ice isn'ta lot better. more...

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