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News -> New Websites

Welcome to the New Websites section of

Introducing, Garifuna Online Television      10/22/06

We are proud to announce our newest website,, Garifuna Online Television. more...

Garifuna Forum Photos & GEM New Website      03/14/06

Garifuna Forum 2006 photos and Garinagu Empowerment Movement new website. more...

Tu Ritmo Records launches new website      02/02/06

Los Angeles – As an unparalleled supporting retail store for new and famous artists, Tu Ritmo Records, has launched its new website to reach the global audience with classical and modern music and DVD. more...

Garinet has launched      01/30/06

We are excited to announce that Garinet Global has launched the new website, allows fans to connect with their entertainers. It is very interactive and it contains photos, bios, forums and entertainment news among many. more...

The Garifuna Websites Directory has been launched      01/20/06

We are very proud to announce that Garinet Global has recently launched “The Largest Garifuna Websites Directory” available to-date, more...

Find out what Jorge Garifuna is up to at      01/11/06

Hi, Thank you very much for taking the time to read this message. I am very pleased to announce that, I finally had the chance to launch the new official website of Jorge Garifuna. The name of the new site is: more...

Garinet launches &      11/16/05

Garinet Global is proud to present two new websites of its growing network, and Both websites are fully bilingual in English and Español ( more...

GariDigital completes      07/18/05

GariDigital has recently completed, a website about Robert’s professional paintings. more...

Introducing the new      06/23/05

Have you found yourself uninformed of the latest in Garifuna Music? How do you know what new albums Garifuna artists are working on? What if you wanted to hear an album before it came out? more... has just launched      04/27/05

If you've read anything at all about Garifuna, you'll probably know at least three things: The Garifuna story begins in 1665 in St. Vincent, The Garifuna is a mixture of Africans & Arawakan Indian society, The Garifuna is one of the few African descendants that were never enslaved and still maintains its own language, culture & values today. more...

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