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News -> Do you Gari?

Thanks for stopping by! This section will provide you with overviews or comments about certain community events, including meetings, who is doing what within the Garifuna community and a lot more. As usual you are encouraged to participate. We hope for this section to become a new flash success of garinet, where people will be able to report on community affairs and events of importance.

Personal development for a proactive life      06/29/05

Personal development for a proactive life – by Reina David Are you getting everything you want out of your life? Desired by many but acquired and practiced by a few, personal development may be the ingredient that you are looking for to succeed in every aspect of your life. In this three part series by Reina David, you will be introduced to the necessary tools that you need, to arm yourself with, to achieve your ultimate dreams. Read the full article here. more...

How safe are we, the Garifuna, 50 years from now?      03/18/05

I have two children: a 6yr old girl and a 4yr old boy to which I have taught the importance and values of what it means and what it is to be a Garifuna. But on our way to school a few days ago, something happened that I still couldn’t get over. A few miles away from the school, we were listening to Aziatic’s classic, “Chikitikola” from the “Jam 96” release. My daughter’s favorite artists are Nuru, James Lovell, Paula Castillo and Aurelio. My son on the other hand begged me to blow out a picture of Jimmy Suazo’s performance at Centro America Show when he danced with Jimmy and place it next to his Spider Man Poster. more...

Happy Garifuna Day!      04/12/04

On this special day to all Garinagu, Garinet would like to wish a Happy Garifuna day to all Garinagu around the world! more...

How proud & Garifuna are you? Find out here...      01/27/04

When my grandmother was making ereba (cassava bread) in Livingston (Guatemala), she always emphasized the need for education and excellence in life, but not to live Garifuna in vain. more...

Ifasina Speech at Belize Black Summit      12/11/03

Greetings to all. I come before you today humbly in honor of my Ancestors and all Spirit with whose blessings and guidance I am here. I ask the permission of the Elders to speak…and I pray that what I share will inspire feelings, thoughts, and actions that will change our collective lives for the better. more...

Garinagu at Harlem Parade!      12/01/03

Hundreds pf 1199EIU members and their families marched Setp. 21 in Harlem's annuan African-American parade. Members wore T-shirts commemorating the 40th anniversary of the 1963 March on Washington. more...

Tomas Brooks Is Strong And Fearless      11/21/03

Tomas is half Garifuna and half white Isleno from Honduras. He grew up first in the Bay Islands of Honduras and then his father moved to Arboleña. He became a wrestler and because of his strength becomes famous among the Garifunas. more...


It’s being more than 11 years since I have gone back to Labuga (Livingston) always using the excuse that I have to graduate before I leave, but it has become difficult in the last few years as most of my friends always drop a reminder about how things have changed in my Labuga. more...

Post your events for FREE      11/05/03 currently allows you to post your Punta related events for FREE. more...

Garifuna Collections of Jerry Castro: Essay 1 of 1      09/09/03

On January of this year, I was informed about a special holiday for Garinagu granted by the Guilliani administration in 1998. more...

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