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Garinet Global expands to four locations in Honduras, creating employment within the community

By: Garinet
Garinet Global expands its services to four locations in Honduras. A move that has been anticipated for quite some time. When CEO of Garinet, Jorge Garifuna, traveled to Honduras last year, he saw first hand the need of the community and decided to give back by creating employment opportunities, ultimately beneficial to the community as a whole.

To localize the effort, Garinet Global, is launching a new website, called This new website will offer a variety of services to the Honduran community, including up to date news, as well as the creation of websites for families, entertainers and small businesses.

As of this writing, community members have been employed in four different locations, including:
- Tegucigalpa
- San Pedro Sula
- Tela
- Trujillo

By the end of the year, Garinet Global, expects to cover six new locations in Honduras, to create even greater opportunities of employment for the community.

Garinet Global is well known through its website for servicing the community and reuniting families across different countries.

You may learn more about Garinet Global through the following websites: – Where all the magic takes place. – How would you like your website built? – Looking for the latest in Music? – Want to know about Belize? – Looking for information about Guatemala? – Looking for information about Honduras?

Coming soon: For all your music downloads

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