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How do you feel about people that damage the Garifuna Community?

By: Jorge Garifuna
There seems to be a great of distrust in the community about certain developments.

Based on my findings, one of the main reason for this is because many of our community members have been burned by individuals who love to promise the world to the community but usually end up running away with people's money and sometimes very valuable information.

I saw this happening in the 1980's, 1990's and I still see it happening today.

For some reason people have been either afraid or have lacked the proper media channel to expose these types of individuals.

The major side effect of this is that when a clean-hearted individual comes to the community to produce something positive, he/she ends up paying for the crime of the impostor.

This is something that I think affects all of us. Imagine that one day, you come up with a great idea, hat you think will benefit the community. You are all excited about this idea and you are ready to take it to the next level. You take it to the community for approval and you get all doors shot in your face, all because someone have played dirty within the community. How would you feel about this?

I strongly believe that this has got to stop now. There are many talented individuals in our community, but because a few bad guys have not come clean, many of these talented individuals are denied the many opportunities to succeed in life.

If you have been burned by one of these community crooks or know someone that has suffered from this individuals, I would like to you contribute in the start to the cure of cleaning our community.

How do you think we can put a stop to those individuals that go around, promising the world to the community and then running away with the community's money and valuable information for their own good?

Discuss your thoughts about this topic at
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