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ARENA Dominates, But Many Oblivious in El Salvador      09/13/05

The conservative Nationalist Republican Alliance (ARENA) is still the most popular political organization in El Salvador, according to a more...

Nicaragua's main opposition party suspends drive for removing immunity of president      09/13/05

FSLN offers a "clear sign for the creation of conditions to bring calm in the political climate in Nicaragua, so as to overcome contradictions between State more...

UN sends food aid to Nicaragua's Miskito Indians      09/12/05

The United Nations said on Sunday it would send emergency food aid to thousands of Miskito Indians threatened with more...

Regional labor leader slain in Honduras      09/12/05

A regional labor leader was ambushed and shot to death in Honduras, police said Monday. Gunmen hit more...

Political crisis raising concerns      09/11/05

International pressure grew on Friday to halt a possible ouster of Nicaraguan President Enrique Bolaños, whose anti-corruption campaign has driven lawmakers of his own party into an alliance with their rivals. more...

5-Nation Police Raid Nets Gang Members      09/11/05

Police Raids in El Salvador, Honduras, Guatemala, Mexico, and U.S. Net 660 Gang Members more...

Amigos for Christ helps hurricane victims in Nicaragua      09/10/05

Mitch struck Central America on Oct. 30, 1998, killing more than 10,000 people in Nicaragua and Honduras. Nearly 3,000 people were more...

Gang Crackdown Nets 650 Suspects      09/10/05

The arrests are part of a coordinated operation in the US, Mexico, El Salvador, Guatemala and Honduras. By Chris Kraul, Times Staff Writer. more...

Garinet Global acquires      08/15/05

Last month, Garinet Global acquired This strategic move was part of Garinet Global’s commitment in providing a unique experience to its visitors. more... turns 6 years old - brief history since 1999      07/29/05

When I had my first concept of Garinet in the mid 90's, I was attending Polytechnic University in Brooklyn, New York for my Computer Science degree. Prior to attending this school, I was already versed on many aspects of technologies(since around 1992), but I wanted to strengthen my skills to serve my Garifuna community better, rather than having all these great ideas in my head, passing away tomorrow, without contributing a bit to the progress of the Garifuna nation. more...

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