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Hiking Nicaragua's volcanoes      03/16/05

Although there was a time in the not too distant past when the only Americans to visit Nicaragua were covert CIA operatives and intrepid journalists, the more...

Funeral today in Belize for slain Kansan      03/15/05

An ordained Catholic deacon who was slain Friday in Belize was so dedicated to his ministerial calling that he had moved there by himself three years ago. more...

Author heads off the beaten path      03/13/05

Her oldest sister, Katie, who now runs the Holy Angels crew program, also had the chance to journey to Guatemala, Nicaragua, Honduras, Costa Rica and Belize more...

Lu leads business delegation to Central America      03/12/05

"I hope the visit will help Taiwanese businesses to map out possible opportunities in Central America," Lu said. Among the more...

Grid Connected Solar PV Facility for Central America      03/11/05

Apparently there aren't very many large photovoltaic (PV) systems in Central America and none that are more...

Hospital supplies to Belize      03/11/05

Belize lies on the eastern coastline of Central America, and yearly medical mission trips are made there under the direction of Central Church of Christ in more...

Garinet Global expands to four locations in Honduras, creating employment within the community      03/10/05

Garinet Global expands its services to four locations in Honduras. A move that has been anticipated for quite some time. When CEO of Garinet, Jorge Garifuna, traveled to Honduras last year, he saw first hand the need of the community and decided to give back by creating employment opportunities, ultimately beneficial to the community as a whole. more...

El Salvador Central-Eastern Region Hit by Earthquake      03/10/05

The central-eastern region of El Salvador was jolted Thursday by an earthquake with a preliminary measurement of 5.7. more...

Finally! A medical foundation for Belizeans      03/10/05

The John W. W. Young Jr. Medical Foundation was established in 1998 fulfilling the request of a young man who believed his death should have some meaning. John Jr. did not see adversity in his illness. He saw and embraced an opportunity to help others. He conveyed his wish to establish a dialysis center. This was an act of unselfish devotion to humanity and to those victims of kidney failure, John Jr. made a special commitment to “alleviating the pain and disability of others.” From his vision, sprang the “Foundation,” A symbol of hope for all who need it. more...

Honduras Garifuna returns ‘home’ to St Vincent      03/10/05

KINGSTOWN, St Vincent: A group of Honduran Garifuna will visit their “spiritual homeland” on Thursday March 10. The International Garifuna Folkloric Ballet Company of Honduras, led by the acclaimed Honduran choreographer, Armando Chrisanto Mendes, comes St. Vincent and the Grenadines for a six-day visit. more...

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