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This Stranger a misdial      02/04/06

Simon West's When a Stranger Calls is based on the premise of the 1979 suspense film, in which a babysitter receiving menacing calls learns her tormentor is in the house. more...

Dave Chappelle says he may return to TV show      02/04/06

Comedian Dave Chappelle said on Friday he walked away from his hit TV show because he felt stressed out and manipulated but would return if more of the show's revenue can be given to deserving causes. more...

Tamahori could face jail term      02/03/06

New Zealand director Lee Tamahori could face a jail term if he is found guilty of prostitution charges brought against him in the United States. more...

R. Kelly leads Soul Train Music Award nominees      02/03/06

R&B singer R. Kelly, the soulful crooner who let his libido loose in a passionate album, led contenders for the 20th annual Soul Train Music Awards, which honor the more...

Something New      02/03/06

"Something New" opens with cotton-candy titles, arrives in time for Valentine's Day, and is billed as a romantic comedy. more...

Lawyer: Boy George No Cokehead      02/02/06

At least that's the word Wednesday from the former Culture Club crooner's lawyer as he and his star client turned up in a Manhattan Criminal Court to answer charges stemming from an Oct. 7 drug bust. more...

Pop star Briteny Spears to guest star on 'Will And Grace'      02/01/06

Pop star Britney Spears will guest star on US broadcaster NBC's sitcom Will And Grace. She guest-stars as a Christian conservative sidekick to Jack played by Sean Hayes. more...

Vancouver director celebrates Sundance win      01/29/06

Canadian Julia Kwan captured the Special Jury Prize in the World Dramatic category of the Sundance Film Festival for her feature film debut Eve & the Fire Horse. more...

Cash's 'Black Cadillac': Driving Her Grief Home      01/28/06

forbidding inasmuch as Cash's songs wrestle with feelings of grief and abandonment brought on by the recent deaths of her father, mother and stepmother. more...

Oprah Confrontation 'Very Intense'      01/27/06

Oprah Winfrey's decision to withdraw her support of author James Frey was in part triggered by an op-ed article published in the Washington Post. more...

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