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Beatles for sale      11/06/05

Like Elvis or Lyndon Johnson or Dr. Martin Luther King, the Beatles don't fit into one book. But Bob Spitz has gone ahead and written one anyway, and at 856 pages, trimmed down from a first more...

Dodging a bullet: 50 Cent      11/06/05

There he was back on a gurney staring at the bright lights, bleeding profusely and thinking about his own death. "The blood was flowing out of my stomach, out of my leg and out more...

Popular Snowman T-Shirt Raises Concerns      11/05/05

A snowman shirt is seen in New York, Friday, Nov. 4, 2005. The snowman image, which comes from drug dealer-turned-rapper Young Jeezy, has anti-drug campaigners and education officials alarmed. more...

50 Cent disagrees with Kanye West      11/03/05

Rap feuds aren't usually about differing opinions on President Bush. However, that appears to be the case between 50 Cent and Kanye West. more...

People in the News: Paparazzo is too quick for Pitt      11/02/05

When Brad Pitt saw a paparazzo trying to take pictures of his Malibu living room Sunday, he called police. A Pitt spokeswoman said the trespasser fled when he realized Brad had seen him. more...

Branagh to put The Magic Flute on film      11/02/05

Kenneth Branagh is to direct a film of The Magic Flute, with a libretto translated from the German by Stephen Fry. The opera - Mozart's fantastical tale of the triumph of lovers Tamino and Pamina against the more...

Isley Brother faces jail after tax case conviction      11/01/05

Ronald Isley, lead singer of the legendary R&B band the Isley Brothers, has been convicted of tax evasion and could face five to 26 years in prison. more...

M.C. Hammer publishing catalog up for sale      10/31/05

Music publishing and other copyright assets of MC Hammer have been put up for sale nine years after the multi-platinum rapper filed for bankruptcy in California. more...

No bliss for Garner in thriller      10/31/05

The "Alias" heroine will star in and produce the Disney erotic thriller, follows a couple that hits the doldrums in their seventh year of marriage. more...

Enid Annenberg Haupt, patron for many causes      10/30/05

Enid Annenberg Haupt, a publishing heiress who thought nothing of selling off her jewels and fine art if it meant she could give millions more to benefit cancer patients, museums and the more...

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