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Jackson's veiled shopping trip fails      01/26/06

HE was covered in black from top to toe and still couldn't avoid being recognised. Michael Jackson leaving the shopping mall through the back door with one of his children. more...

Brighton Bears team snap up Rodman      01/26/06

Big Brother reject Dennis Rodman shook off his eviction blues by signing for the Genesis Brighton Bears basketball team. The 6ft 7in former Chicago Bulls star has re-ignited his career by agreeing to play more...

Kanye West, superstar?      01/25/06

Kanye West tries for some predictable shock on the cover of Rolling Stone by posing as Jesus Christ. Photographed in a crown of thorns by professional provocateur David LaChapelle, the rapper can be seen with "blood" trickling down his face. more...

2-day trial clears rapper of murder      01/25/06

Rap artist Cassidy was acquitted of murder yesterday and, instead, convicted of involuntary manslaughter and aggravated assault for a back-alley shootout that left one man dead and two others injured. more...

On TV: No 8th term for NBC's 'West Wing'      01/24/06

That's one admittedly snarky way to sum up "The West Wing's" pending exit in May. Another is to simply say that Jed Bartlet (Martin Sheen) and his driven staff took us on a twisty ride for a few years, some more...

A May finale for once top Emmy-winning series      01/23/06

There was little doubt that “The West Wing,” once one of television’s most-watched and most highly acclaimed dramas, was going to be canceled. more...

Mom left children alone for Springer show      01/23/06

A woman got a 30-day jail sentence for leaving her three young children home alone for several hours while she and her boyfriend attended a videotaping of "The Jerry Springer Show. more...

Judge orders LA to pay $1.1 million to family of Notorious B.I.G.      01/22/06

A federal judge has ordered the city to pay $1.1 million in legal costs to the family of slain rapper Notorious BIG as sanctions for intentionally withholding evidence. more...

R&B great Pickett dies      01/20/06

Wilson Pickett, who delivered soul classics like "In the Midnight Hour" and "Mustang Sally" with the force of a jackhammer, died yesterday at a hospital near his home in Virginia after suffering a heart attack. more...

Angelina Jolie's children get Brad Pitt's name      01/19/06

A Los Angeles judge on Thursday granted Oscar-winning actress Angelina Jolie's request to change the last names of her children to reflect Brad Pitt's status as their adoptive father. more...

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