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"Brokeback" Actor Not Happy, Nor Gay      03/24/06

That's the gist of a new lawsuit by the familiar-faced actor who alleges in a $10 million lawsuit that he was the victim of a "movie laundering" scheme by the studio division behind Brokeback Mountain. more...

Clive Owen Is On A Roll      03/22/06

With a resume that includes "Closer," "The Bourne Indentity," "Sin City" and "Gosford Park," Clive Owen has gained a reputation as one of the most talented actors working today. more...

Aerosmith tour off, Tyler surgery on      03/22/06

After a string of last minute cancellations, Aerosmith Wednesday ended its tour so vocalist Steven Tyler can undergo throat surgery. more...

L.A. police launch new probe into B.I.G. murder      03/18/06

A new team of police detectives will reinvestigate the unsolved murder of rapper Notorious BIG, who was shot and killed in 1997. “They are investigating it, following up on the leads,” said Don Vincent, the LA assistant city attorney. more...

Travolta, J.Lo offered roles in "Dallas"      03/15/06

Producers of the upcoming remake of the 1980s hit series, Dallas, have reportedly approached John Travolta and Jennifer Lopez to play leading roles. more...

Cops Accused of Mafia Ties Head to Trial      03/12/06

It's a crime story that begs for a best seller: A pair of oft-decorated NYPD detectives are accused of leading double lives, joining the mob's payroll. more...

Who's gonna get whacked?      03/11/06

And no, we're not going to spoil the surprise by revealing who gets plugged - we're no snitches. But consider this a warning: People who have seen a preview of the sixth-season opener say more...

Widow of Christopher Reeve dies of cancer      03/07/06

Dana Reeve, the widow of the late "Superman" actor Christopher Reeve, died yesterday of lung cancer at the age of 44. Reeve won worldwide admiration for the support of her late actor-husband, who was paralyzed more...

Stabbing death of ex-drummer 'a real shock' to Jackson family      03/07/06

Pop princess Janet Jackson will pay for funeral services for former Jackson 5 drummer Johnny Jackson this week. News that Johnny Jackson had been killed last week "has come as a more...

Three 6 Mafia: Oscar Winners      03/06/06

You knew I had to write about this: Three 6 Mafia, regional Memphis rap kingpins for the last decade and a half, pioneers of an endlessly compelling evil-slow-garbled primordial deep-South horrorcrunk aesthetic, my favorite rap group in the world, shocked more...

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