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Twin "Idol" Hopefuls Face Charges      01/19/06

After just two episodes, the fifth season of American Idol has struck its first sour note. Some 35.5 million viewers watched Tuesday night as twin brothers Terrell and Derrell Brittenum wowed more...

Singer Doherty in new drugs arrest      01/16/06

The rock star Pete Doherty has been arrested again just days after pleading guilty in court to possessing heroin and cocaine. The Babyshambles singer was held in Dunlace Road, Hackney, east London, at 8.15 more...

Inside Em and Kim's wedding: Classy and subdued      01/15/06

In vivid contrast to all the fanfare of recent weeks, all the breathless chatter and speculation, the Saturday wedding of Eminem and his longtime sweetheart turned out to be a quietly dignified occasion. more...

Pop star pleads guilty to hitting police officer      01/13/06

Matthew and Lance rejoice in a Texas victory; Joaquin visits Folsom; Reese sees her shadow. British pop star Ms. Dynamite pleaded guilty Friday to assaulting a police officer after being taken into custody for causing a disturbance outside a nightclub. more...

Imprisoned Rapper Mystikal Sentenced to a Year in Prison for Trying to Cheat Gov't Out of Taxes      01/13/06

Grammy-nominated rapper Mystikal has been sentenced to a year in prison for trying to cheat the federal government out of $271,000 in taxes. more...

LL Cool J And Queen Latifah Finally Hook Up — In 'Last Holiday'      01/12/06

You've just been told that you have three weeks to live - so what do you do next? In the uplifting comedy "Last Holiday," Queen Latifah and LL Cool J explore the sad, soul-baring answer with a storyline as unexpected as the out-of-left-field. more...

Drug abuse writer accused of exaggerating crime record      01/10/06

A writer whose memoir about drug abuse became a massive bestseller in the US after Oprah Winfrey chose it for her book club has been accused of exaggerating his criminal record in the work. more...

Rapper Beanie Siegel convicted of assault      01/10/06

Beanie Sigel, the rapper who has sold hundreds of thousands of records glamorizing a criminal lifestyle, was convicted of assault Tuesday for a fight in 2003. more...

Nice Day for a Pink Wedding      01/09/06

Published reports put the guest count between 100 (People's estimate) and 150 (Us Weekly's tally), with all accounts agreeing that Lisa-Marie Presley was among those on hand for the nondenominational more...

Stern's Sirius Debut: Free Speech, Lust, 'Star Trek'      01/09/06

Something old, something new, but definitely nothing borrowed by ever-original Howard Stern on Monday. The blue raconteur finally began plying his trade on Sirius Satellite Radio (nasdaq: SIRI - news more...

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