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Welcome to the entertainment section of! In this section you will find information about all your entertainment needs. Enjoy!

Diddy's Supreme Diss      05/10/06

When it comes to easing his paternity problems, Sean Combs is getting diddily from the courts. The New York Supreme Court on Tuesday declined to hear an appeal brought by the hip-hop impresario more...

Keith Richards Undergoes Surgery      05/08/06

Rolling Stones guitarist Keith Richards underwent surgery at an Auckland, New Zealand, hospital on Monday after complaining of headaches. more...

Tori Spelling in beach wedding      05/08/06

Tori Spelling has re-married, a month after divorcing her first husband, in a beachfront ceremony on Fiji. The daughter of TV producer Aaron Spelling and her betrothed, Dean McDermott, kept the ceremony simple and without guests. more...

From the cane fields, songs of love and loss      05/07/06

Grant McLennan became a great songwriter after being coaxed to pick up a guitar, writes Bernard Zuel. GRANT McLENNAN often told his story better in song than those who wrote about him and his band, the Go-Betweens. more...

We love a conspiracy      05/07/06

The Rev. Eric Hinds of St. Peter's Episcopal Church in Mountain Lakes refuses to see the forthcoming movie version of "The Da Vinci Code," but his reasons are far from theological. more...

Vaughn refuses to discuss Aniston on show      05/05/06

Actor Vince Vaughn refused to discuss his relationship with former 'Friends' star Jennifer Aniston when questioned by talk show host David Letterman. more...

Film Review - Mission: Impossible III      05/05/06

Crammed with explosions, daring stunts and - lest we forget ‭om Cruise, Mission: Impossible III is just what you’d expect from a film sequel based on a now-defunct television show about secret spies. more...

Richards: `Betrayal' by ex-friend Locklear      05/04/06

In what is billed as an exclusive interview on, Richards denies she was involved with Richie Sambora, the estranged husband of Locklear, before Locklear and the rocker split. more...

Member of Rapper T.I.'s Entourage Killed      05/04/06

A member of the entourage of best-selling rapper TI was killed and three others were injured in a gun battle early Wednesday that began as a fight in a suburban after-hours club, police said. more...

Paris and Stavros Apparently Split      05/02/06

Paris Hilton, right, leaves a Los Angeles Laker game with boyfriend Stavros Niarchos Sunday, April 16, 2006, at Staples Center in Los Angeles after the Lakers beat the Phoenix Suns 109-89 to clinch a spot in the playoffs. more...

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