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Hunt tapes in Carmelo case      11/25/04

A lawyer for one of three men accused of trying to extort $3 million from Carmelo Anthony in exchange for a tape of the basketball star fighting in a bar said yesterday more copies of the video are bouncing around. more...

Paris Hilton in a lesbian stint      11/24/04

Hotel heiress Paris Hilton who loves to court controversy is in the limelight again and this time it is due to photographs of the blonde making out with another woman. more...

'National Treasure' fares surprisingly well at box office      11/23/04

Performing substantially better than forecasts anticipated, "National Treasure" with Nicolas Cage opens atop the local box-office chart and finishes in a virtual first-place tie throughout North America. more...

Network Chiefs Leery of FCC Indecency Push      11/22/04

Efforts by the Federal Communications Commission to regulate indecency on broadcast TV have drawn sharp criticism from network entertainment chiefs. more...

No lurid sex tape: Sheffield's wife      11/21/04

Gary Sheffield and his beautiful gospel-singing wife tried to get back to their life yesterday, after she trashed an alleged extortionist's claims that she engaged in three-way sex. more...

Destiny's Child: Child's play      11/20/04

Beyoncé Knowles is one of the world's most famous women. But she and the other members of Destiny's Child didn't get where they are today without knowing a thing or two about hard work - or how to answer a difficult question. more...

Police Negotiating Young Buck's Surrender      11/19/04

Detectives are negotiating the surrender of rapper Young Buck, who is suspected of stabbing a man who had punched rap star Dr. Dre at this week's Vibe Awards more...

Toot, toot! Popeye the sailor man turns 75      11/18/04

Popeye celebrates his 75th birthday this year, animated evidence that a steady diet of leafy green vegetables and pipe smoking can guarantee you Hulk Hogan forearms as a septuagenarian. more...

Virgin Mary sandwiches, no way on Ebay      11/17/04

Online auctioneer Ebay has barred the sale of a 10-year-old cheese sandwich on its website. The sandwich, claimed by its owner to bear an image of the Virgin Mary, succeeded more...

Dre in Vibe Awards Brawl      11/16/04

Chaos erupts at awards show taping, one man stabbed Fighting broke out at last night's taping of the second annual Vibe Awards when an unidentified man approached Dr. more...

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