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Laura Branigan is Dead      09/01/04

Veteran pop star Laura Branigan has died of a brain aneurysm last Thursday. She was 47. Branigan died in her New York home, and had been complaining of a headache for the previosu two weeks. more...

All sizzle but no shocks as MTV party fails to rival Miami vice      08/31/04

Held for the first time in Miami, the city of skin, the MTV Video Music Awards were sizzling, energetic and colourful - yet tame, by MTV standards. more...

Gibson's controversial film arrives on DVD      08/31/04

For those few who may have stayed away from Mel Gibson's The Passion of the Christ (Equinoxe/Warner) due to the reported graphic nature of its brutal content, it may help to say the violence and bloodshed is no worse than that seen in Quentin Tarantino's more...

Lawyer: Ja Rule Innocent in Club Clash      08/31/04

The rapper's lawyer, who was in court Monday to set a pretrial date, told reporters his high-profile client would plead innocent. more...

Die Hard Star Fined £12,000 for Environmental Breach      08/30/04

Movie star Bruce Willis has been fined nearly £12,000 for breaking environmental laws by tearing up an island in a pond at his home. more...

Your new apprentices      08/29/04

NBC has revealed the contestants on the second season of The Apprentice. The lineup, without last names, was released Friday and on the first-season DVD. more...

Povich Prevails Over Rape Suit      08/28/04

Maury Povich and staffers at his syndicated yakfest are breather easier today after a New York appeals court tossed a $25 million lawsuit that alleged they were responsible for the rape of a teenage guest. more...

Beenie Man Loses VMA Spot Due to Anti-Gay Songs      08/27/04

Beenie Man, who has recently been criticized for his anti-gay lyrics, was pulled from a VMA related performance after gay groups planned a protest earlier this week. more...

Big snakes, cheap thrills in 'Anacondas'      08/27/04

Say what you will about "Anacondas: The Hunt for the Blood Orchid," but its characters show some surprising smarts. Even when rattled by giant snakes, they try to stay in a group and mostly more...

Lethal Weapon star arrested at Darfur protest      08/26/04

Lethal Weapon star Danny Glover had a real-life law enforcement drama on his hands when he was arrested during a demonstration in Washington DC yesterday. more...

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