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Salt Should Be Regulated Food Additive, Group Says      02/24/05

A consumer group sued the federal government Thursday, saying that salt is killing tens of thousands of Americans and that regulators have done too little to control salt in food. more...

Pregnant Women Risk Murder in U.S., Report Finds      02/23/05

Murder is a surprisingly common cause of death among pregnant women in the United States, U.S. government researchers reported on Wednesday. more...

Baby Improving After Extra Head Removed      02/22/05

An Egyptian baby who underwent a 13-hour operation to remove an extra head will soon be able to breathe on her own, a doctor treating her said Tuesday. more...

Avian Flu World's No. 1 Threat, CDC Head Says      02/21/05

Avian flu poses the single biggest threat to the world right now and health officials may not yet have all the tools they need to fight it, the head of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention said on Monday. more...

West Africa Launches Anti-Polio Drive      02/20/05

Three West African countries at the center of a polio epidemic launched an immunization drive on Sunday to help stop the spread of the crippling disease by the end of this year. more...

Panel OKs Merck's Vioxx Return to Market      02/19/05

Merck & Co. Inc.'s withdrawn arthritis drug Vioxx is safe enough to rejoin Pfizer's rival pain relievers Celebrex and Bextra on the U.S. market, an advisory panel said after concluding that all three medicines posed some level of heart risk. more...

Lead in Environment Causing Violent Crime - Study      02/18/05

Lead left in paint, water, soil and elsewhere may not only be affecting children's intelligence but may cause a significant proportion of violent crime, a U.S. researcher argued Friday. more...

Merck Says Would Consider Selling Vioxx Again      02/17/05

Merck & Co. Inc. will consider selling Vioxx again if a U.S. expert panel decides related pain relievers have similar risks and benefits, company officials said on Thursday after hearing two days' worth of data on painkiller safety. more...

Carbohydrate Type, Not Amount, Linked to Obesity      02/16/05

When it comes to carbohydrates, it's not how much you eat, but which kind, that makes a difference to your bathroom scale, new research shows. more...

Researchers See Chance U.S. Might Pull COX-2 Drugs      02/15/05

Doctors who led three studies showing prescription painkillers called COX-2 inhibitors raise the risk of heart attacks and stroke said on Tuesday the whole class of drugs was in danger of being pulled from the market. more...

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