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Teaching Your Child Self-Control      10/27/04

Learning to handle behavioral outbursts and temper tantrums is as much of a part of parenting as feeding your infant or helping your child learn to ride a two-wheeler. Bouts of fussiness and behavior problems can happen anywhere from the grocery store to Thanksgiving at Grandma's house and they can be handled more easily if your child learns some early lessons about self-control. more...

Genetic Defect Linked to Brittle Bone Disease      10/26/04

A genetic mutation and environmental factors before and after birth can increase the risk of suffering from brittle bone disease decades later, researchers said on Tuesday. more...

Transatlantic Live Brain Surgery to Be Beamed to UK      10/25/04

It's not for the squeamish but Britons with a strong constitution will get a rare opportunity to view brain surgery as it happens, in an operating room 4,000 miles away in the United States. more...

Entering the World with a Splash      10/24/04

Before becoming pregnant with her second child in 1984, pediatric nurse Barbara Harper had heard of a gentler way to deliver a child, something called "waterbirth." But her doctor dismissed the notion as absurd. more...

U.S. Works to Deliver Flu Shots, Some Don't Wait      10/23/04

U.S. health officials worked to redistribute flu vaccine to the neediest as worried Americans took matters into their own hands, heading across borders to Canada and Mexico to get shots on Friday. more...

More Nasal Spray Flu Vaccine Coming -Officials      10/22/04

Another 1 million doses of a nasal spray influenza vaccine will be available in the United States this year, Bush administration officials said on Thursday as they sought to calm concerns about a flu shot shortage. more...

Cards Beat Astros 6-4 to Force NLCS Game 7      10/21/04

Jim Edmonds finished what Albert Pujols started for the St. Louis Cardinals. Edmonds blasted a two-run homer in the 12th inning and the rejuvenated St. Louis Cardinals forced the NL championship series to Game 7, beating the Houston Astros 6-4 Wednesday to even it at 3-all. more...

Doctors Advise Chemo Before Rectal Cancer Surgery      10/21/04

Administering chemotherapy and radiation before surgery for rectal cancer may not help patients live longer, but it produces fewer side effects than when it is given afterward, doctors reported on Wednesday. more...

Flu Vaccine an Issue in Presidential Race      10/20/04

As public health officials scramble to find more flu vaccine and experts debate how to increase the U.S. supply, John Kerry hopes voters will come to one conclusion: The severe shortage the United States now faces is President Bush's fault. more...

Chicago Group Tackles Childhood Obesity      10/19/04

Yoga and dance workshops for kids and parents at a museum. Free bike locks to encourage students to cycle to school. A food bank that offers fitness workouts along with hot meals for children. These are among the projects encouraged by a 2-year-old Chicago consortium tackling childhood obesity. more...

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