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Illness rarely seen in U.S. kills N.J. man      09/03/04

A New Jersey man who recently returned from a trip to Liberia has died of an illness that had not been detected in the United States since 1989 but is common in West Africa, state health officials said Thursday. more...

Bird flu spread by cats investigated      09/03/04

Cats not only can catch the deadly bird flu but can spread it to other felines, Dutch researchers said in a report that raises questions about the pets' role in outbreaks. more...

Height Doesn't Influence Kids' Popularity: Study      09/02/04

Parents of a short child who believe growth hormone therapy will better his or her social life may be mistaken, new study findings suggest. more...

Horse country faces West Nile 'nightmare'      09/02/04

Of her initial impression of the West Nile threat, Ingrid Encinas says: "Like a lot of things, I thought it was just a big hullabaloo." She wasn't alone -- numerous horse owners in California have failed to properly vaccinate their animals. more...

West Nile eyes record season      09/02/04

The pace of this year's epidemic of West Nile virus infection in humans appears to be outstripping last year's, with Arizona home to the largest number of cases, according to recent federal figures. more...

Unsafe Abortions Kill 70,000 Women a Year -Report      09/01/04

Nearly 70,000 women, almost half of them in Asia, die from unsafe abortions each year despite government pledges made a decade ago to improve human rights and reproductive health, researchers said Wednesday. more...

Doctors work toward pain-free surgery      09/01/04

All Deborah Keibler knew about hip replacement surgery was the long scar she had seen down the side of her grandmother's body. Doctors say patients timid about having surgeries for fear of pain shouldn't put it off: A new focus on patient comfort and advances in pain management are making many procedures nearly pain-free. more...

Mixed Results in Improving Women's Health -- Report      08/31/04

Some countries have taken major strides to improve the rights and reproductive health of women but more must be done to meet goals set at a U.N. conference a decade ago, according to a report released Tuesday. more...

Tests try to get body to grow bypasses      08/31/04

Experiments at the National Institutes of Health marks are attempting to get the body to grow its own bypasses, at first in the legs and, if that works, perhaps later in the heart. more...

Diabetes Going Undetected in Many Heart Patients      08/30/04

Diabetes is an undetected and silent threat for many people who end up with heart disease, according to new research published on Monday. more...

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