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Welcome to the Health section of

China Reports 3 New Bird Flu Outbreaks      11/22/05

China's Ministry of Agriculture on Tuesday announced three new outbreaks of bird flu, two in the west and one in the south, resulting in the killing of nearly 175,000 birds, the official Xinhua News Agency reported. more...

HIV Infection Rate Decreasing in Blacks      11/17/05

The rate of newly reported HIV cases among blacks has been dropping by about 5 percent a year since 2001, the government said Thursday. But blacks are still eight times more likely than whites to be diagnosed with the AIDS virus. more...

Man Claims He Has Rid Himself of HIV      11/14/05

AIDS experts called for more tests on a British man who claims his body has rid itself of the virus that causes AIDS. more...

Appetite-Suppressing Hormone Discovered      11/10/05

Scientists have discovered a biological brake for a hunger hormone: a competing hormone that seems to counter the urge to eat. more...

FDA Rejects Tomato Benefit Proposal      11/09/05

Producers of tomatoes, tomato sauce and dietary supplements containing lycopene — the substance that makes tomatoes red — will not be allowed to advertise claims that they reduce the risk of many forms of cancer, the Food and Drug Administration said Wednesday. more...

Hip-Waist Ratio Best Predicts Heart Risk      11/03/05

Well-toned hips and a trim waist — not just the pounds you carry — appear to be one of the best protections against heart attacks, according to a study of thousands of people in different countries. more...

Tiny Razor Cleans Out Leg Arteries      10/31/05

Doctors using a razor the size of a grain of rice are shearing ribbons of yellowish sludge from inside clogged leg arteries. It's the latest therapy for a hard-to-treat disease that slowly chokes off blood flow in millions of people's legs. more...

Firms Try to Speed Up Flu-Vaccine Process      10/30/05

The flu vaccine-making system that serves as the best available protection against a pandemic relies on millions of chicken eggs, takes nine months to produce each year's flu shots and has changed little since the 18th century. This creaky system poses a big problem if a new, deadly strain emerges once the annual and inflexible production process begins. more...

Exxon-Mobil Workers Receive Fake Flu Shots      10/29/05

As many as 1,000 Exxon Mobil employees and 14 residents of a senior citizens home were injected with fake flu vaccine, authorities said Friday, and the owner of a home health care company was arrested. more...

Government Mulls Do-It-Yourself AIDS Test      10/26/05

Swab the inside of your mouth. Put that swab into a vial of test fluid, and 20 minutes later you'll learn whether you're infected with the virus that causes AIDS. more...

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