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Welcome to the Health section of

Pre-Pregnancy Multivitamins Prevent Prematurity      11/06/04

Women who take multivitamins before becoming pregnant are less likely to give birth to premature babies, new study findings suggest. more...

Hopes Up for Sanofi Obesity Drug, 2-Year Data Eyed      11/05/04

Expectations rose for Sanofi-Aventis's big new drug hope Acomplia on Friday as the French firm revealed it would present two-year, rather than one-year, data on the anti-obesity medicine next week. more...

Experiment Stretches Flu Vaccine for Healthy      11/04/04

It might be possible to stretch out the scarce U.S. supply of flu vaccine by diluting it and injecting it differently, U.S. researchers said on Wednesday. more...

Calif. Voters Back $3 Billion Stem Cell Measure      11/03/04

A controversial California ballot measure that would fund a decade of stem cell research with $3 billion in state money was headed for a resounding victory on Wednesday, initial returns showed. more...

Coffee, Cigarette Combo Is Extra Hard on Arteries      11/02/04

People who like to start the day with coffee and a cigarette may be doing particular damage to their arteries, new research suggests. more...

Grumpy British Bosses Need More Sleep -Study      11/01/04

A quarter of Britain's bosses are likely to be in a bad mood at work because of too little sleep, research released on Monday showed. more...

Despite Vaccines, Whooping Cough Creeps Back      10/31/04

Whooping cough is making a comeback 40 years after most industrialized countries started vaccinating children, and the culprit seems to be weakening effects of the shot, researchers said on Saturday. more...

Novartis Breast Cancer Drug OK'd for Wider U.S. Use      10/30/04

Novartis AG won U.S. approval to promote the drug Femara for women who have finished standard therapy for early-stage breast cancer and run out of options, the company said on Friday. more...

Obesity Linked to Higher Stroke Risk      10/29/04

Obesity nearly doubles the risk that an otherwise healthy middle-aged man will eventually have a stroke, a long-running Swedish study finds. more...

Red Wine Slows Lung Cancer, White Raises Risk-Study      10/28/04

Drinking red wine could protect against lung cancer, but white wine may increase the risk, Spanish scientists said on Thursday. more...

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