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Landmark Transplant Patients to Meet      12/16/05

ROCHEFORT-SUR-MER, France - Six years into a new life with transplanted hands, Denis Chatelier is uniquely placed to give advice to another groundbreaking French transplant patient, a woman learning to live with a new face. more...

AP: Towns With Unhealthy Air Fight Back      12/15/05

Lula Williams doesn't take a whiff of fresh air for granted. Not after living for nearly a quarter-century in front of a sewage treatment plant, around the corner from a factory and down the street from three scrap metal recyclers. more...

New York to Monitor Diabetics      12/14/05

NEW YORK - Hoping to save hundreds of lives, New York adopted a health code regulation Wednesday that will make it the first American city to keep track of people with diabetes in much the same way it does with patients infected with HIV or tuberculosis. more...

Parents Ask How Air Pollution Affects Kids      12/14/05

The people who breathe the nation's most unhealthy factory air worry about more than just asthma and other respiratory problems. They also want to know if their daily dose of toxic pollution is slowing the academic and physical development of their children. more...

AP: More Blacks Live With Pollution      12/13/05

An Associated Press analysis of a little-known government research project shows that black Americans are 79 percent more likely than whites to live in neighborhoods where industrial pollution is suspected of posing the greatest health danger. more...

Study: Tea May Help Fight Ovarian Cancer      12/12/05

Swedish researchers have found tantalizing but far-from-conclusive evidence that drinking a couple of cups of tea every day might help reduce the risk of developing ovarian cancer. more...

Specialists Help Conjoined Twins Cope      12/11/05

NEW YORK - Kim Serraro's job is to help sick kids cope with the stress of hospitals. And among her most fragile charges are Carl and Clarence Aguirre — 2-year-old boys from the Philippines connected at the top of their heads. more...

Vioxx Jurors Told to Keep Deliberating      12/10/05

Jurors considering whether Merck & Co.'s Vioxx contributed to a man's death told the judge Saturday they could not reach a unanimous verdict, but the judge told them to keep deliberating. more...

Kellogg to Reduce Trans Fat in Products      12/09/05

Starting early next year, some products made by Kellogg Co. will contain oils derived from genetically modified soybeans to reduce or eliminate trans fatty acids, the cereal maker said Friday. more...

Vioxx Study Left Out Three Heart Attacks      12/09/05

Shares of Vioxx maker Merck & Co. fell for a second day Friday after the New England Journal of Medicine said authors of a study funded by Merck failed to disclose that three additional patients in a 2000 clinical study suffered heart attacks while using the now-withdrawn painkiller. more...

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