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Tsunami Survivors Face Serious Disease Risks - Doctors      12/31/04

Survivors of the deadliest tsunami on record face serious water-borne diseases such as cholera, and will urgently need medicine and access to healthcare in the months ahead, doctors and health experts said on Friday. more...

Smoking During Pregnancy Raises Diabetes Risk      12/30/04

Pregnant women who smoke face a higher risk of developing diabetes during pregnancy -- a condition known as gestational diabetes -- according to a new study. more...

Breakups Can Be Mapped in the Brain      12/29/04

Women who are distraught after breaking up with a romantic partner show brain changes that are not seen in women less upset by a romantic rift, researchers report. more...

Gay and Straight Men Alike in Body Image Hang-Ups      12/28/04

Both gay and heterosexual men are equally likely to aspire to an unattainable body type, or to harbor a distorted image of their actual body, new research indicates. more...

Healthful Diet Urged for Kids Undergoing Chemo      12/27/04

Kids undergoing chemotherapy for the most common form of childhood leukemia have significant reductions in their antioxidant and micronutrient levels, which could lead to bad side effects from the treatment. more...

Mifepristone Effective as 'Morning After' Pill      12/25/04

When taken within five days after unprotected sex, mifepristone works as well for emergency contraception as the approved drug levonorgestrel, UK researchers report. more...

Night Shift Linked to Late Pregnancy Loss      12/23/04

Pregnant women who regularly work the night shift may have an increased risk of a miscarriage late in pregnancy or a stillbirth, a new study suggests. more...

Smelling Citrus Oils Prevents Asthma in Rats      12/22/04

A key ingredient in the aroma from citrus fruits such as oranges and lemons appears to protect rats from the symptoms of asthma, new research shows. more...

Pfizer Suspends Celebrex Ads - U.S. FDA      12/20/04

Pfizer Inc. has agreed to suspend its advertisements for arthritis drug Celebrex while U.S. regulators review new data that link the drug to an elevated risk of heart attacks, a Food and Drug Administration spokeswoman said on Sunday. more...

Five People in Japan May Have Bird Flu Virus      12/18/04

Five people in Japan may have been infected with the bird flu virus after an outbreak among chickens in February, but there is no risk they will develop symptoms and no chance of more infections, the government said on Saturday. more...

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